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About Adoption
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What is Adoption ?


(The term adoption also refers to adoption within existing families e.g. step-parents, other relatives etc, but this is not what we’re referring to here.)


Various circumstances can lead to a child being taken into care.  For some, the decision is made that they cannot return to their family of origin, and so new, adoptive parents are sought.


In the U.K., around 4000 children wait to be adopted.  Many dedicated people work for these children’s interests, but this work is very intensive and costly, within restricted public budgets.


Consequently, many of these children wait for a long time.  Larger sibling groups are at risk of being split up and placed separately.  A significant proportion of older children reach adulthood having never been part of a new family.


All this can have a very negative effect throughout a child’s life, their sense of identity, attachments to those important in their lives, the experience of belonging, loving and being able to love that most of us take for granted.


Whilst those children wait in limbo, their lives are on hold.  Those who surely deserve a break in life are dealt another bad hand. 


Swift but careful placement into a suitable loving family is a necessarily complicated process.  However with care and support, the child can start to live, laugh and love very much like any other child.



About CCS


The aim of CCS Adoption is to offer the opportunity of family life through adoption and to support parents, adopters and children throughout the process, recognising the lifelong impact of adoption.  They help prospective adopters through the training and assessment that is necessary to become a “new mummy or daddy”.  They support the new families in every way possible.  They also help raise awareness about adoption and encourage people to think about adoptive parenthood. 


CCS is a Bristol based charity, but helps place children from many places in the U.K. into their area, which includes Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. They seek to promote the welfare of children of all religions, races, cultures and abilities.


“If it wasn’t for CCS … I probably wouldn’t have adopted”


These are the words of a CCS adopter.  The result in this, as in many cases, would have been one less child adopted.


There are children who need new families, people willing to be parents. CCS’s first priority is quite rightly helping children.  However they are excellent at working with prospective new parents, in a trusting working relationship.


The CCS team are particularly skilled at placing large sibling groups, and older children, that local authorities often find more challenging to place and support.


These people are the best – CCS help children live happier, more stable lives than they might have hoped.  Our support can really help them help others as much as possible.


CCS is surely the benchmark for the way adoption should happen.  The more we can help them further their work, the better they can help those children who wait.


“From an adopter’s point of view, you really wouldn’t want to be without CCS !”



If you'd like to dicuss adoption, please contact CCS, or you are welcome to Contact us


For further info on adoption issues:

CCS Adoption


British Association for Adoption & Fostering



(They have a very good current campaign, “Do you believe in Children?”)


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Thank you for your generosity.
Every contribution makes a difference to a child's life.