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Why not have a go at a Triathlon this summer ?

CCS Triathletes was set up to get people doing triathlons and raising money for the CCS Adoption charity.  In 2009, CCS Young Triathletes gives the chance for those aged 8 to 16 to get involved.

Here are some questions and answers that you may have seen on our leaflets to get you thinking.  Further down this page is more info on the event distances and what to do next.  We will be adding to this info quickly, so please bear with us !

Why should I do a triathlon ?  Well it’s good fun as it combines swimming, biking and running, one after the other.  It’s also a challenge for you, keeps you healthy & fit for other sports. At the same time you are helping other children.


I don’t think I’m much good at all three parts of the triathlon, and I’m not very fast.  These events are for everyone, of all abilities, and there’s time to get some practise in so have a talk to your parents/carers about what you need to do.  Doing something you don’t find easy can be even more challenging and rewarding.  Preparing for the event can be enjoyable, things like bike-rides and fun in the pool.


How far ?!  The swim, bike & run distances increase through the age-groups, see the info below for exact details.  These are recognised standards that are suitable for each age.


What equipment do I need ? We will give you more info closer to the event on our website, but basically you need some sports clothes, almost any bike, and of course a helmet.  You don’t need anything flash or expensive.


When is the event ?  It’s on Saturday 25th July.  It takes place at Henbury Sports Centre, Bristol.  The event is organised by Bristol and District Triathletes Club, known as BADTri !


I can’t do that event, and I’m not sure about this triathlon thing.  No problem, there are other triathlon events we can help you find, or you could try another challenge, such as Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride, and get sponsored for that. 


Why get sponsored ?  Well it’s really the point of taking part.  You get to do something good for you, and do something great for other children at the same time.  In return for getting sponsored, we’ll give you all the help and advice we can.


What does CCS Adoption do ?  Some children can’t live in the family they were born into.  Sometimes they are found a new family, and this is called adoption.  Many children wait a long time to be adopted, and miss out on many of the things we take for granted.  CCS are really good at helping adoptive parents and children become new families, so that’s a good reason to give them our support.


Can other people take part ?  Yes, the Junior events are open to anyone aged 8 to 16, so why not get together with friends and family.  We are involved in a number of over-16 and adult events, including a relay so different people can do the swim, bike and run.  Parents and teachers are very welcome to get involved !


Parents and Carers: CCS Triathletes is a voluntary support group and of course your child’s safety and welfare remains your responsibility whilst preparing for and taking part in the event. You will need to supervise them for training and at the event. However we will offer you any support possible, so please do get in touch.


You are welcome to contact us: e-mail, or call 07971 544709.  There is plenty of info in other parts of this website on triathlons and adoption.


Bristol Junior Triathlon Event Distances
The Bristol Junior Triathlon will be held on Saturday 25th July 2009. The events will be over the following distances;
  Swim Bike Run
Tristart (8 yrs old) 50m 0.8km 0.6km
Tristar 1 (9-10 yrs old) 150m 1.6km 1.2km
Tristar 2 (11-12 yrs old) 200m 4.8km 1.8km
Tristar 3 (13-14 yrs old) 300m 5.6km 2.4km
Youth (15-16 yrs old) 400m 6.4km 3km

So for example if you are aged 8, you would be doing a 50 m swim, 0.8 km (800m) bike ride and 0.6 km (600m) run

If you are over 16 - you may be able to enter one of the adult triathlons - please contact us for more info.


Training allows you and your body to be prepared for doing the event.  You may surprise yourself how you can improve your swimming, biking and running, and this will give you confidence for the event.

The idea is for all this to be enjoyable, so we do not recommend heavy training, especially for young people.

You need to be able to comfortably complete the set distances for your age.  So your training will involve practising those disciplines of swim, bike and run, and building up your endurance - that's being able to keep going.

We are not worried about speed here - if you have the endurance, you can work on speed when you are older.

Don't worry if you can't complete those distances now - you need to do them at the event, not now !  What you do partly depends on how you are doing those events at the moment. 

Swim Training Example: If you are nine, and can't yet manage the 150m swim distance, you need to build up your distance gradually.  The usual (and fastest) stroke is front crawl, but you can use breast-stroke in the event, and in practise.  Try doing front-crawl in between a less tiring stroke, such as back crawl.  Note that back crawl (back stroke) would not be a good idea in the event, as you'd probably cause a pile-up !

Swimming is all about technique, so if you can, ask a teacher, or someone else who knows about swimming to help you with this.

Cycling: is often the discipline that people feel confident of doing.  So to prepare for this .... go cycling !  Once again, keep tabs on the distances, and don't worry about the speed.

Running:  You need to be able to steadily run the event distance.  You can start your preparation by walking, then doing runs in-between bouts of walking.  Increase the running and decrease the walking until you can manage steady running. 

Try to record the distances you have done, perhaps in a simple diary, so you can see how you're getting better.

How much training ?  The top triathletes train very hard, but we're doing this for fun.  It's most important that you don't over-do it, especially with school sports lessons and other things happening.  It's also vital that you enjoy the training and preparation. 

You need to sensibly fit in what you can so that you can enjoy doing the triatlhon on the day.

Everyone is different, so maybe ask your parents, and sports teachers what they think you should do.  Also concentrate on the right things, so if for example your cycling is fine, put more of your efforts into making sure your swimming and running are improving.

How about making your sessions more enjoyable by getting together with friends or family ?  Do the cycle or running in a scenic place, but make sure this is safe.  Bristol for example has lots of places to exercise such as Clifton Downs, Blaise and Ashton Court.  Make sure you cycled on designated paths.

Combining the events:  In the triathlon, you need to do all three events together, so if possible, it might be worth trying a cycle followed immediately by a run.  It's more difficult to find somewhere to do a swim followed by a bike ride.

Safety: Always make sure you are being safe, supervised according to your age, and healthy when you are exercising.  Don't over-exert yourself, stop if you are injured, something hurts or you are unwell.  Seek a doctor's advice if in doubt.  You should also warm-up and warm-down at the beginnning and end of your exercise. 

What to do next (apart from training !)

The junior triathlons cover a wide age-range, but if in doubt please ask your parents/carers for help with the things below.

1. Please contact us by e-mail or on 07971 544709 to let us know you’re involved.

2. Enter the triathlon online - at  Follow the instructions carefully.  Places may go fast, so best to get this done soon.  Enter your club as "CCS Triathletes", so we can see you belong to our group.  The event costs around 11 to enter.  This is much less expensive than regular event entries, so we think this looks like good value.

3. You need to start thinking about the things you need for the triathlon, such as bike, helmet, clothes etc.  We will post more on this nearer the event

3. You can get sponsored in two different ways.  Get sponsored either “offline” by using the form provided, which you can download from the bottom of this page.  Get in touch and we'd be happy to send you some printed copies.

4. OR get sponsored online by going to our main JustGiving page at   You can direct people to this main page to donate or if you click the “I want a page like this” link, you can create your own donation page.  It’s good to make your page as interesting and informative as possible, and please include the link to  If you need any help with any of this, please do get in touch, or ask a parent.

5. If you can do both offline and online fundraising, that’s even better, as you will reach more people this way.

6. You need to let your friends and family know you are doing the triathlon and ask them to sponsor you.  You could e-mail or text people you know to do this, or even talk to them !

7.    Take part in your triathlon – hope it goes smoothly.

8.       As soon as you can, collect any offline donations and send them with completed sponsor forms to our free-of-charge sponsorship administrators, Esther White Chartered Accountants, 236 Henleaze Road, Bristol BS9 4NG (cheques only by post please).  It’s important to make sure the Gift Aid info is correct.  We may make arrangements to collect sponsor money with certain schools and clubs.

8.       Keep your contacts regularly updated, maybe by e-mail or text, and let them know you’ve done the event.  People really like to hear what you’ve been doing, and we are always encouraged by their generosity.

9.       Please do contact us for any help or support we can give – we’d be glad to hear from you.

Thankyou so much – every donation makes a difference to a child’s life.